Tourism Business is a significant revenue source for the Hospitality Industry. The profit potential for Recreation Business has grown steadily, in parallel with the growth of leisure time, and discretionary income. Expanding tourism, both domestic and international, is a growing reservoir of demand for the profitable operation of a well-positioned Recreation Business. A hotel, motel, resort, lodge, or bed & breakfast establishment; can all enhance profits through increasing the recreation attractions they offer on-site. There is a broad diversity of guest attractions that can enhance profits -- by extending visitors' vacations, as they enjoy new leisure facilities. Guests will combine recreation with travel, provided the venue is a thoroughly appealing use of recreation time; and the facility is a sound concept, with significant entertainment values. Extended stay accommodations are popular, where appealing recreation resources are provided.

Tourists, sportsmen, and families are growing the demand for lodging, in association with their travel for adventure. Leisure business and the hospitality industry hold great potential for generating synergistic profits. In addition to the in-transit hospitality services required by the traveling public; an even greater profit-potential is available to the innkeeper; when a profitable Recreation Business is added to overnight accommodations.

LEISURE VENTURES LLC, conducts strategic planning founded on insightful market analysis -- to substantiate the most suitable, feasible, and profitable recreation facilities to enhance occupancy, and cash-flows.

With the advantage of research and analysis conclusions, derived from the Market Feasibility Study, together with the site-specific resources, and improvements -- which are compelling motivators for new patrons; an enterprise-specific Concept Plan is constructed. This Plan, with the Market Research and applied-analysis, form the critical benchmarks to support the: Development Plan; Capitalization Plan; Marketing Plan; Management Plan; and Operations Plan. All of the research conclusions, and well-focussed Plans, are integrated together as the elemental components which comprise the actionable -- Recreation Business Plan.

The benefits of this new Profit Center, will be immediately apparent, as new patrons discover that the entertainment values you have added, are a dynamic distinction in the character of your business -- in stark contrast with less notable competitors.

Indeed, the "First-to-Market" with leading innovations, will command the paramount interest of patrons, and propel the prudent innkeeper to capture new heights in Market Share, and monopolize guest patronage.