The location and structural parameters which characterize the potential markets for a Recreation Business will define the focus for all additional phases in the business planning process. The Market Feasibility Study will identify market- segments which promise the greatest potential for customer patronage. Through the application of applied-analysis, in combination with comprehensive market research, a stratification of demand-potential is identified. All distinguishing attributes of the available markets are revealed. The probable value of each distinctive segment is weighed, in a systematic determination of the full demand-potential. The dynamic integration of all potential recreation assets, is then optimized for the benefit of the Recreation Business.

This demand-driven analysis defines the character, theme, seasons, site prerequisites, and services -- which will frame the business offerings to be taken to market.

The product of this systematic evaluation of market-segment characteristics, is applied in the refinement of: the Concept Plan, Site Plan, Development Plan, and Management-Operations Plan. Success requires that compelling entertainment values are foremost in priority. The Market Feasibility Study will calculate the parameters for the improvements required to satisfy patrons, with the recreational experiences they demand. The Recreation Market indicators delineate the most viable visitors, and define the critical target markets for the Recreation Business.

Sales performance is then further refined to determine the appropriate scope of initial operations. The scale of business growth is also mapped, to anticipate the optimum level of services needed to pace with developing-demand. The findings of the Recreation Market Feasibility Study are mission-critical in the challenge to identify the motivations and recreation rewards which distinguish potential markets. The Market Study also defines the precepts for executing productive Marketing Plans, as required to cultivate the patronage of the targeted market-segments.

The foundation for the profitability of a Recreation Business will be defined by the success in targeting the most promising segments of that market -- which will commit time, and discretionary income -- in exchange for the rewarding experiences which these patrons expect from your Recreation Business. The complexities of designing, delivering, and profiting from the marketing of an intangible: "recreation-experience", can be an elusive goal. The merging of intricate markets; comprised of patrons holding individual, and preconceived expectations of rewards; within the limits of profitability; requires professional insight and creative-alchemy to formulate a winning Recreation Business Plan.

Investors, and entrepreneurs who are contemplating a Recreation Business Venture, or more profitable performance from an existing operation, would benefit from the services of LEISURE VENTURES LLC.