Significant business opportunities are available in the Recreation Industry. The American public views outdoor recreation land as a preferred destination for the use of discretionary time and income. Although regions and states are characteristically varied in the type of recreation experiences which predominate; the motivation of the public to vacation at a: recreation park, lodge, water park, national park, guest ranch, lake resort, theme park, resort beach, RV resort, fishing lodge, ski area, recreation river, resort village, eco-lodge, condo resort, equestrian center, marina resort, conservation community, hunting lodge, or resort community; is widely expressed, as demonstrated by profitable business -- all over the country.

Public demand for the recreation services, which make these businesses profitable, represents a substantial -- and growing -- revenue opportunity. However, the seasonal nature of many outdoor recreation businesses requires prudent planning to mitigate seasonal limitations, and maximize cash-flows. Business operations must be efficient, and optimized in coordination with market forces, to capture profitable returns. The Business Concept must be refined, and complemented by an insightful Development Plan, which reflects the salient findings of the Market Feasibility Study, for the Recreation Business to thrive.

For entrepreneurs who are contemplating a new Recreation Business; or anticipating the prospect of enhancing the profit-performance of an existing Recreation Business; the professional

services of LEISURE VENTURES LLC, will be instrumental in guiding you to profitable cash-flows from your recreation land.

A Comprehensive Recreation Project Study, is required to identify the critical design-elements, which will define the success of business operations. The Startup Business will be grounded upon the findings of the Market Feasibility Study. The relative contribution-value of all potential market segments, which could conceivably patronize the new business, will be evaluated, and integrated into the process of refining an enhanced Concept Plan. The Recreation Project Study is conducted in-parallel with the progression of Site Planning parameters, to yield: profits by-design.

This inter-correlated planning process is driven by the necessity to harmonize the attraction-value of recreation resources, together with viable recreation market segments, through the dynamic prism of seasonal variables. The objective of a Comprehensive Recreation Business Plan, is to distill a matrix of solution-sets, that will arm the Recreation Business with a depth of revenue alternatives; to sustain profitability, regardless of variable: market, resource, or competition factors, as may challenge future profitability. Market-specific services, well-conceived, synergistically-integrated, and strategically-deployed -- is the hallmark for business success, where quality operations must satisfy market expectations -- with rewarding recreation.